Thanksgiving Literacy Pack

Thanksgiving Literacy Pack


2 Simple Subject Worksheets
2 Simple Predicate Worksheets
1 Noun and Verb Worksheet
1 Adjective Worksheet
1 Reading Comprehension Worksheet

This set of worksheets is a great way for your students to get two for the price of one. Every sentence used for grammar is based on the history of Thanksgiving! Students will be learning about Plymouth and Squanto while identifying the simple predicate or simple subject.

After writing the sentences for use in the grammar worksheets I combined (and modified) them into a two page reading passage for reading comprehension practice. The reading passage comes with nine multiple choice questions and three short answer questions to test for comprehension.

The great thing about this literacy pack is that it comes with full answer keys so it can be used by a sub or sent home with kids over the break (I know they will thank me for that!)

Enjoy the literacy pack and have a great Thanksgiving!

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Grade Levels: 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, Homeschool
Resource Types: Worksheets, Handouts